Goat Curry Recipe Review

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Another Goat Curry Recipe

There are now 3 goat curry recipes on the Curry Focus website. It used to be difficult to be able to buy goat meat but I’ve noticed it appearing in more and more places nowadays. It still isn’t a main supermarket meat yet.

My previous 2 goat curry recipe tests (the Sri Lanka goat curry recipe and the version 1 goat curry recipe) produced great results.

The version 2 goat curry recipe is this week’s recipe for me to try and there is no reason to think that this goat curry recipe would produce a curry that was not as good as the other 2 goat curry recipes.

Ingredients Thyme

I had to buy the fresh ingredients to put into the goat curry and bought the scallions (spring/green onions) and carrots. Seeing that one of the ingredients is described as scallions, I’m assuming that this goat curry recipe comes from Jamaica or some other part of the Caribbean – they sure seem to enjoy their goat curries in that part of the world.

But I didn’t need to buy any thyme because there is a mini patch of herbs just outside the dining room where rosemary, thyme and mint flourish in their individual pots. I’m amazed that they are still growing because I’m pretty useless at growing things. Obviously some plants are more resilient than others.

Marinating the Goat Meat

The preparation for this recipe is the most amount of work needed in making the curry.

The main preparation is all about the chopping and grating and crushing of the ingredients for marinating.

There is a large amount of ingredients needed for the marinating process (not a large number of ingredients but a large amount of ingredients).

Once everything was chopped up I put it into a large mixing bowl, mixed everything up well, covered the bowl with kitchen film and popped it into the fridge for a good long marinate.

Cooking the Goat Curry

Getting the marinade ingredients off the meat was a bit time-consuming. The best way that I could think of to remove the marinade ingredients was to scrape them off with a knife. I did this with the back of a butter knife to make sure that I didn’t cut myself (I have a poor track record with knives and blades). It wasn’t the most exciting part of the curry recipe. I forgot to note how long it took me but I guess that it was somewhere around 15 minutes.

The actual cooking of the goat curry was a breeze – 6 simple steps and it was ready. The one thing to note is that the cooking time of the goat curry is not far short of 2 hours – this is a slow-cooked curry.

Tasting and Rating the Goat Curry

The tasting team arrived in plenty of time for dinner and were all smiles when I served up the Goat Curry on basmati rice.

Everything was well-cooked in the curry. The meat was lovely and tender and the carrots and potatoes were perfect. The liquid had reduced very well during the cooking and this was a lovely, dry, curry. But this is not a curry for people who only like mild curries because the agreed heat level was “Very Hot”. Even so, this was a delicious curry and it received a taste score of 9 out of 10.

Another Great Goat Curry Recipe

This goat curry recipe worked well and produced a great goat curry. The long cooking time might put some people off from trying the recipe but this is really such an easy curry to make.

And here is the bonus for me. This is a big curry and there was leftover goat curry for me to enjoy the next day. The curry, as it often is, was even better the next day.

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