Chickpea Curry (version 3) Recipe Review

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A Curry for This Weekend

Time for another healthy vegetarian curry again. Contrary to what people think, I do love a good vegetarian curry. I looked at the untested vegetarian curry recipes on the Curry Focus website and there was one that appealed – a chickpea curry. At present, there are 3 chickpea curry recipes on the website. I’ve tried the first 2 and now it’s time to have a go at the 3rd chickpea curry recipe.

On checking the list of ingredients, I saw that the only thing that I needed to buy for this curry was the fresh coriander (cilantro). I did manage to successfully grow fresh coriander (cilantro) about 5 years ago but all my efforts since then have been abject failures. I certainly do not have a green finger.

Preparing the Curry Ingredients

One thing to be aware of when making a chickpea curry is that the chickpeas need to be soaked, unless tinned (canned) chickpeas are being used.

So Sunday afternoon saw me soaking the chickpeas.

Later on I drained and rinsed the chickpeas and then prepared the other ingredients, including parboiling the potatoes.

Making the Chickpea Curry

The cooking time for the curry would be around 45 minutes so I started the cooking about 30 minutes before the tasting tem would arrive. It’s good for them to be waiting for a while before dinner is ready. I’m not running a fast food joint.

The actual making of the chickpea curry was very straightforward. Nothing complicated to do and everything went like clockwork.

This is a really big curry and it was a good job that I used my biggest saucepan for the cooking.

The Tasting Team Eat the Curry

I served up the Chickpea Curry on basmati rice to the ever-hungry tasting team and the dining room went quiet for a few minutes while everyone tried the curry.

And the curry was good. Everything was well cooked. The ingredients that gave the most taste were the lemon juice and fresh coriander (cilantro). This is a mild curry. Although not a spectacular curry, it was still pretty good and it got a taste score of 7 out of 10.

A Big Chickpea Curry

This turned out to be a really big curry and will easily feed 8 people.

So there is plenty of left over curry for me to eat and we all know that curries taste better the next day.

Another successful curry and a very cheap curry as well.



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