Balti Chicken Vindaloo Curry Recipe Review

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A New Vindaloo Recipe

I suppose that in some respects I am typically British. I like football. Rain doesn’t bother me too much. And I love vindaloo curry.

I used to eat vindaloo curry a lot. Really, a lot. I’ve cut back on vindaloo curries in the recent years and usually stick to a beef madras or chicken jalfrezi curry.

But I smiled when a new vindaloo curry recipe was emailed to me. A simple chicken vindaloo curry recipe. And cooked as a Balti curry (balti is a style of cooking – here is some info on what a balti curry is). Magic. A balti chicken vindaloo curry recipe had arrived.

Guess what curry recipe I’m going to be testing this weekend?

There is a range of vindaloo curry recipes on the Curry Focus website.

Ingredients for the Balti Chicken Vindaloo

This Balti chicken vindaloo curry recipe mostly had the usual ingredients that you would see in a chicken curry apart from including some paprika and ground fenugreek.

And this is a vindaloo curry recipe which means that it also has malt vinegar and potato in it (some people do not like potato in their vindaloo curry but I love it).

But the only ingredient that I needed to buy during my weekly Saturday shop was the chicken breasts because I had everything else in the kitchen cupboards.

Making the Balti Chicken Vindaloo Curry

There are no surprises to making this vindaloo curry.

A marinade is made with malt vinegar, spices and a little tomato paste.

Then the chicken is soaked in the marinade overnight.

The actual cooking stage involves stir-frying the onions, adding the marinated chicken (along with the marinade), adding the parboiled potato cubes and, finally, cooking the vindaloo curry until it is ready to serve.

Tasting the Balti Chicken Vindaloo Curry

I served up the Balti chicken vindaloo curry on basmati rice to the recently arrived tasting team and we all took up our forks and ate up our dinner.

And the curry was good. It didn’t look exciting but it had a clean taste and everything was cooked just right. The vindaloo had the signature vinegar taste but was not overwhelmed with the vinegar. And there was very little sauce, which is what you would expect with a Balti curry. The spice/heat level was only “Medium” and needed the addition of at least one fresh chilli so that the vindaloo had a bit of a kick – it didn’t have the heat level of a vindaloo curry. The vindaloo curry received a taste score of 7.5 out of 10.


Overall, this was an easy curry to cook. There were no complicated cooking steps and everything worked as it should. Except the heat level of the curry was below the level expected with a vindaloo. This is a good Balti chicken vindaloo curry recipe, but not a great one.
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