Cauliflower Curry Side Dish Recipe Review

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Vegetarian Curries

There are lots of different vegetarian curries and vegetarian curry recipes with their roots in the Indian subcontinent. This is not surprising seeing that most people in India are Hindu and Hindus are vegetarians. As well as there being lots of vegetarian curries, there are also loads of vegetarian curry side dishes.

Choosing a Vegetarian Curry Side Dish

There is a whole category of vegetarian side dish recipes on the Curry Focus website that is full of easy vegetarian recipes for all to enjoy. I had a look at the recipes in the category and decided to make the Cauliflower Curry Side Dish. This must be one of the easiest curry side dishes to make.

What is a Cauliflower Curry Side Dish?

There are very few ingredients on this cauliflower curry side dish – just a cauliflower (gobi), an onion, a little oil and a small range of spices. Nothing unusual for a curry-loving person.

Getting Ready to Make the Cauliflower Curry Side Dish

Shopping for this tasty dish is a breeze. Almost all of the ingredients are standard curry-making items and all I had to buy was the large cauliflower. I didn’t buy the biggest cauliflower in the shop, which was fortunate, because there is a lot of cauliflower to prepare. I cut off the cauliflower florets and discarded the cauliflower stalks – only the florets are needed for this dish.

Making the Cauliflower Curry Side Dish

Making the cauliflower curry side dish was not particularly challenging except for the bulk of the cauliflower in the dish. I realised that there was a lot of cauliflower when I was cutting off the florets and went for my second largest saucepan for the cooking. This was a bit of a mistake as there was not a lot of room left in the saucepan after the cauliflower had been added – there was only about 5cm (2 inches) of space at the top of the saucepan and, when I stirred the curry, now and again a floret would jump out of the saucepan. I should have used my largest saucepan.

Anyway, apart from the amount of cauliflower in the saucepan, I did not have any problems and the cauliflower curry side dish was ready pretty much as stated in the recipe.

Serving and Tasting the Cauliflower Curry Side Dish

I had been asked to serve the cauliflower curry side dish on a bed of quinoa, instead of my usual basmati rice. I wasn’t planning to serve the side dish on any kind of rice but thought that it would not hurt to use quinoa. Wrong. However, I was persuaded and ended up serving the cauliflower curry side dish with quinoa to the recently arrived tasting crew (they arrived about 10 minutes before feeding time). Nobody was really bothered that we were eating a side dish as a main.

And the food was great. At least the cauliflower curry side dish was great. The quinoa was very average. Luckily the purpose of this meal was to make and rate the cauliflower curry side dish. The cauliflower curry side dish was very tasty and was well cooked (but not overcooked). The cauliflower curry side dish received an average taste score of 8.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Hot”.

This is a really healthy side dish. Not only is cauliflower a good vegetable to eat, a serving has only between 86 and 114 calories.

Did the Cauliflower Curry Side Dish Recipe Work?

The dish was a great success. It was a very easy side dish to make and did not need any ingredients that are difficult to get. About the only negative about the recipe was the use of a large cauliflower. There was way too much to eat and using less cauliflower would have been OK – maybe use a smaller cauliflower or just use less florets.

There was some of the cauliflower curry side dish left over and I heated it up the next day. As is often the case, the heated up food was even a bit better than the previous day. Nice.

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