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2015 Curry Year in Review

Another year has rolled by and once again the Curry Focus Team looks back at the 2015 website traffic to see who dropped by and what they were looking at.

Where Do The Curry-Lovers Live?

As expected, the bulk of curry loving visitors came from the UK, by a big margin. This has always been the pattern ever since the Curry Focus website was launched. The British love curries.

Following the UK, the next countries with the most visitors were USA and Australia followed by India. Yes, we get a lot of visitors from India.

The full top 10 countries are shown in the following table.

Position Country Site Visits
1 United Kingdom 64.11%
2 United States 9.03%
3 Australia 7.77%
4 India 2.66%
5 New Zealand 2.56%
6 Canada 2.51%
7 South Africa 1.80%
8 Ireland 1.54%
9 United Arab Emirates 0.65%
10 Germany 0.48%

In 2015, we had visitors from 187 different countries and territories. So the whole world does love curries. For some reason, we love seeing which countries only supplied 1 visitor. We pull up a world map and hunt these places down. Some countries are easy to find, such as Greenland, Libya, Bolivia and Somalia. And some countries are places where we would like to sit on the beach while eating a lovely curry, such as St. Vincent & Grenadines, Turks & Caicos Islands and Samoa – it’s nice to dream.

What Did Our Visitors Look At?

So what are all of these visitors looking at? Well, they are mainly looking at curry recipes and curry blogs.

The top 3 blogs for 2015 are shown in the following table.

Position Blog Title
1 How to Cool Down a Curry thats “Too Hot!”
2 Roti, Chapati, Puri, Paratha and Naan Breads
3 What is a Rezala Curry?

These 3 blogs are consistently the most popular every month.

The top 3 viewed recipes for 2015 are as follows.

Position Recipe Name
1 Saag Bhaji Curry Recipe
2 Leftover Ham and Rice Curry Recipe
3 Chicken Pathia (Patia) Curry Recipe

Just a word about the popular leftover ham curry recipe. We just checked yesterday’s website traffic and see that were a high number of views of the recipe. This is 2 weeks after Christmas Day. You’re not really eating 2-week old leftover ham are you? It’s OK if you froze the ham and are now defrosting it. We have a blog called “Leftover Turkey, Ham and Gammon Curries” that gives more details about how to look after leftover ham and leftover turkey.

Curry On into 2016

2015 was a very busy year for the Curry Focus Team and 2016 looks like it is going to be the same. The main improvement to the website in 2015 was the redesign so that the website was really usable for mobile users (only 32% of our visitors use desktops nowadays, and this percentage continues to fall each year).

We have a long list of changes and improvements that we want to do in 2016 so we need to get cracking.

Enjoy your yummy curries everyone.

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