Leftover Ham Curries and Leftover Turkey Curries

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The Curry Focus website attracts lots of visitors a few days after Christmas with people looking for information on what to do with their leftover ham and leftover turkey.

Of course, we say that you should make a curry out of the leftover meat. We are hardly going to say anything else, are we?

One thing that worries us a little is the number of searches for leftover ham and leftover turkey curry recipes long after the meat should have either eaten or frozen. You cannot keep leftover meat indefinitely in your fridge without risking food poisoning. It is only 4 days since Christmas Day and there are lots of people looking at leftover turkey and leftover ham recipes.

There are a couple of blogs worth reading on the subject of leftover ham and leftover turkey. The first blog is called “Roast Turkey Meat Safety”. The second blog is an expanded version and has information on how to look after leftover ham titled “Leftover Turkey, Ham and Gammon Curries”.

Take care of the leftover meat and enjoy your curries.

leftover turkey image leftover ham image

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