Chicken Malai Curry Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

Chicken curry time again. There seems to be thousands of chicken curry recipes in websites and books – you could probably make a different chicken curry every week for years. In fact, there are over 100 recipes in the chicken curry recipes category on the Curry Focus website.

I had noticed that there was a special on chicken thighs at my local supermarket so I looked for a new chicken curry recipe to try for this weekend’s Sunday curry dinner. And there was a really easy Chicken Malai Curry recipe that I could have a go at.

I did a bit of googling and found that a chicken malai curry is usually made with coconut milk and/or cream. The recipe that I was going to try uses coconut milk.

One thing that I noticed was that this was going to be a mild curry as it only had half a teaspoon of chilli powder in it. But so be it. Half of the tasting team seem to prefer mild curries. I was in the other half, preferring hotter curries, but decided that I should be fair and cater for all tastes in my quest for the perfect curry.

Saturday saw me taking advantage of the supermarket’s generosity and buying the chicken thighs.

Sunday afternoon rolled around and I did the preparation for the curry. There really is very little to do except prepare the onion and garlic as well as measuring out the spices and opening a tin (can) of coconut milk.

The cooking time for the chicken curry was about 70 minutes so I started at 6pm to meet the usual eating time of around 7pm.

And the cooking was pretty uneventful. I followed the recipe and the final cooking phase for the chicken took 55 minutes.

The tasting crew arrived at 7 and hung around the kitchen while the rice was cooking. I must say that the delicious curry aroma was getting to everyone before the meal was served up with basmati rice.

And this is a very nice curry. As anticipated, the spice/heat level was “Mild” but the chicken tasted great. There was lots of yummy coconut flavoured gravy and the Chicken Malai curry received a taste score of 7.5 out of 10.

So the curry recipe worked and everyone ate well. Personally, I would have preferred a spicier curry. This was probably the same spice/heat level as a korma and I would have thrown in a fresh green chilli to give it a bit of bite.

But we aren’t all the same and this is a nice and tasty curry which most people would enjoy.

chicken malai curry image

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