Bangladeshi Egg Biryani Curry Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

Curry time again and this weekend I wanted to make a tasty curry that didn’t need much effort. I looked through the biryani recipes that I had not tried before and decided to test the Bangladeshi egg biryani recipe. The biryani looked easy to make, looked tasty and looked healthy (there’s no harm in eating healthy food now and again).

The only thing that gave me a bit of a warning was that the biryani served 8 to 10. This is a big biryani. Three cups of basmati rice is a lot of rice. But I can freeze whatever is left over and eat it sometime in the future.

This recipe calls for 9 eggs (a lot of eggs) so I bought the eggs, and the yogurt when I was doing my weekly shop. I noticed that my 5KG bag of basmati was nearly empty but there would be enough rice for this biryani. We eat a lot of rice in this house and I’ve toyed with the idea of buying a 25KG bag but have stuck with the 5KG bags up until now.

I boiled the eggs in the afternoon so there would be plenty of time for them to cool and, while I was loading them into the saucepan, it occurred to me that 3 cups of cooked rice would take up a lot of room. I decided to go with my second-largest saucepan, which was not the most sensible decision that I made that day – I should have used the largest saucepan. I just got away with the saucepan that I chose but it was very full once the rice was cooked and stirring had to be done very carefully to prevent ingredients from being nudged over the top of the saucepan.

Apart from the saucepan choice, nothing went wrong with cooking the basmati. Everything happened as I thought it would.

The tasting crew arrived about 15 minutes before the egg biryani was ready and I tipped the finished biryani into my largest serving dish (it’s not really a serving dish – it’s a casserole but my one and only serving dish would really overflow with this biryani). I put the eggs slices and coriander (cilantro) around the top before serving up the Bangladeshi egg biryani to the expectant diners.

There were four of us eating the egg biryani and we did not seem to make much of an impression of the amount of food in the serving dish. This really is a big, big curry and could probably feed up to 12 people – certainly more than 8.

And the biryani was really good. The biryani was very spicy but no one spice dominated the tastes. Except I bit into a clove from my portion – a gorgeous taste sensation. The biryani was very filling, everyone loved it and it received a taste score of 8 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Medium to Hot”.

There was one big talking point while we were eating the biryani and it was whether this was a true biryani or more like a pilau (pulao). As far as our knowledge goes, a biryani has the rice cooked separately from the other ingredients and the rice is added as a layer before final cooking. But everything here was basically cooked in a single saucepan, more like a pilau (pulao). I don’t think that any final conclusion was reached but nobody really minded because the food was so good. So we deferred to the supplier of the recipe and called it a biryani.

Once cooled, the leftover egg biryani was put into a couple of containers and popped into the freezer for future use. This egg biryani recipe will give us 3 meals. Wicked.

Bangladeshi egg biryani image

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