Lamb Vindaloo Curry Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

Everyone knows about the British attraction to vindaloo curries.

I haven’t made one in a while and decided that I would make up for my slackness this weekend.

And there was a nice-looking lamb vindaloo curry recipe among the vindaloo curry recipes that I have not tested yet.

The curry looked a little bit odd to me because it cooked the lamb in vinegar rather than marinating the lamb in vinegar and then cooking the vindaloo. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. This was the recipe for this weekend.

As usual, I had most of the ingredients already and only needed to buy the lamb and coriander (cilantro) during my weekly shopping trip.

As I said earlier, there is no marinating going on in this recipe.

The cooking time for the curry is about 75 minutes so I sat back on Sunday afternoon before venturing into the kitchen an hour before the planned eating time so I could do the preparation and then start to cook.

And cooking this lamb vindaloo curry is so easy. There are very few steps and there is nothing complicated to do.

The tasting crew arrived on time and soon I was serving up the Lamb Vindaloo curry on the usual bed of basmati rice.

And it was really good. The vindaloo looked a bit basic and there had been lots of liquid at the beginning of the main cooking step but the liquid reduced nicely.

The vindaloo was not dry but it was not swamped in sauce.

The lamb was well cooked and there was that familiar vindaloo vinegar taste. One of the tasters commented that they prefer a stronger vinegar taste so maybe you could add a little more vinegar if you wanted to do this – or you could marinate the lamb in the vinegar mixture that you make. But I loved it. The lamb vindaloo curry received an average taste score of 8.5 out of 10.

Now here’s the warning – the spice/heat level was “Very Hot”. Remember, this is a vindaloo. There is a lot of chilli powder in this curry so it is hot. It feels strange giving out this warning with a vindaloo because this is exactly what you would expect a vindaloo to be. I thought the heat level was just hot but was outvoted. There was certainly a good after-burn in the mouth for a few minutes after having eaten the vindaloo – woohoo!!

So this is a good vindaloo. The more I think about it, the more the lack of marinating makes me think that Jay forgot to say that the lamb should be marinated overnight in the vinegar mixture. But the curry recipe still worked.

lamb vindaloo curry image

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