Roti Bread (version 2) Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

The last curry recipe that I tried was for mulligatawny soup. And I served it up with basmati rice. The soup was in a bowl and the tasting team added basmati to the bowl as and when they wanted.

But this recipe screams for an accompaniment of bread. And what could be simpler than making roti? After all, roti is just flour and water.

There was some mulligatawny soup left over from last night’s curry and there is no way that I throw away food. I looked through the bread recipe category and decided to try the version 2 roti recipe.

And, really this is such an easy recipe – flour and water.

I mixed up the flour and water and found that I had a dough that was just right to make the roti. Usually I have to add a little more flour or water to make a good dough. So the omens were good.

I heated up the mulligatawny soup while making the roti rounds and also had the oven heating up so I could keep the cooked roti warm.

I have one of those skinny rolling pins and a roti board so creating the roti rounds was pretty easy. I rolled out the roti on the board and just trimmed the edges with a knife to get a tidy round.

I started to cook the roti as soon as the mulligatawny soup was ready.

And it was really, really easy. It’s just a matter of turning over the cooking roti and then putting the cooked roti into the oven to keep warm. It took less than 10 minutes to cook all of the roti rounds. Some people smear butter on one side of the roti so the roti is nice and moist but I did not bother doing this.

I served up the reheated mulligatawny soup with the roti and all was good. The roti were all cooked through and scooped up the soup well.

The roti were lovely and got an average taste score of 8 out of 10 with a spice/heat level of “None” (there are no spices in the roti).

Such an easy bread to make.

roti bread image

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