Punjabi Mutter Paneer Curry Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

My recent discovery of paneer cheese means that I am hunting down the paneer recipes among the Curry Focus recipes. I hadn’t tried paneer cheese until a few months ago and love it. So the Punjabi mutter paneer curry recipe caught my eye and I was hooked. And here’s a bonus – as well as having paneer in it, this recipe also has peas – magic.

I didn’t really need to buy much for this curry when out shopping on Saturday. All I had to get were the cashews and some milk. I tried three of my favourite Indian shops to see if I could buy ground cashews but no joy. So I bought cashew nuts and ground them myself.

This is a pretty simple recipe to follow and Sunday afternoon saw me preparing the fenugreek leaves and the ground cashew. I dry roasted the fenugreek leaves and put them into a mortar and ground them manually with a pestle. I have no idea why I used the mortar and pestle. It has been so long since I last used them that I forgot how boring the process was. It was especially puzzling because my spice grinder is so easy to use. Obviously my brain had decided to take a holiday. I did not make the same mistake with the cashew nuts and my spice grinder made light work of producing ground cashew.

I saw that I needed to make a paste and cooked the needed ingredients before letting them cool for a while and then making the paste – I made my customary gin and tonic while the ingredients were cooling. The beauty about making a paste was that the cooking time for the rest of the curry was only about 15 minutes. Pretty quick.

And nothing went wrong with the cooking. The onion, ginger and garlic ingredients (the staple ingredients of a lot of curries) really needed to be stirred a lot because there was only one tablespoon of vegetable oil for the two onions.

Adding the tomato gave a bit more liquid but the stirring still had to be done often to stop the ingredients from sticking.

Once the paste was made (it didn’t need any water adding to make the paste) then everything was plain sailing.

The curry tasting team arrived about 5-10 minutes before the meal was ready.

I served up the Punjabi Mutter Paneer curry on basmati rice and the tasting crew exercised their taste buds and gave their opinions. This was a very nice, dry, curry and was very popular. The curry was spicy “Hot” and left a nice after-burn in the mouth. The curry received a taste score of 8 out of 10.

This is definitely a curry that I will be making again.

Punjabi mutter paneer curry image

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