August/September 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the August/September 2015 Curryfocus Newsletter.

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Latest Articles

Cauliflower Bhaji (Gobi Mutter) Recipe Review – Know anybody who does not like a good vegetarian curry? Nobody. At least nobody who likes curry….

Butter Chicken Recipe Review – Those of you that know me will confirm that I have a love-hate relationship with butter chicken curries. I tend to avoid them as they are usually too creamy or too bland. But now and again I try a butter chicken curry that is pretty good….

Aubergine (Eggplant) Curry Recipe Review – Did I say that this looked like an easy curry to make? Well, it is. The preparation time was pretty minimal (only about 10-15 minutes). And the cooking is very straightforward….

Live Longer By Eating Curry – The latest piece of news comes from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. The academy did a study of 500,000 people and worked out that those who ate a curry once or twice a week were 10% less likely to die than the people who didn’t….

Top 10 recipes for last month

flamesHot Riser – This month the delicious Butter Chicken recipe has made it into the top ten!

1 Saag Bhaji Curry
2 Butter Chicken
3 Poppadoms
4 Chicken Sagwala Curry
5 Chicken Pathia (Patia) Curry
6 Easy Microwaved Cauliflower Rice
7 Madras Curry Paste
8 Sri Lankan Okra Curry
9 Chicken Bhuna Curry (version 1)
10 Beef Dopiaza Curry

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