Cauliflower Bhaji (Gobi Mutter) Curry Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

Know anybody who does not like a good vegetarian curry? Nobody. At least nobody who likes curry. One of my favourite ingredients is cauliflower and I just love Aloo Gobi – it is definitely at the top of my list of great side dishes. And peas also get a big plus on my list of great foods (mutter = peas). So I had a little smile when I saw a great cauliflower bhaji recipe arrive on the Curry Focus website a few weeks ago. I printed off the recipe right away and added the bhaji recipe to my list of curries that need to be made.

My Saturday morning shop found me hanging around the vegetables and choosing a good cauliflower for the bhaji curry. This was the only ingredient that I needed to buy so this was turning out to be a really cheap curry shop.

I checked the cauliflower bhaji recipe about a couple of hours before I needed to get into the kitchen and confirmed that this is a very easy curry to make. Only a few simple steps. I even remembered to take out the frozen peas so that they would be thawed in time for the cooking process.

One thing that I noticed was that this curry did not have onion, ginger or garlic in it. You do not get many curry recipes without these basic ingredients and it was a novelty not having to prepare these ingredients.

And the only real preparation for this curry is to cut up the cauliflower, which only took a few minutes. I chopped up the cauliflower, washed the florets and set them aside for when they would be needed.

Another good point about this recipe is that the total cooking time is not much more than 16 minutes. All that needs to be done is adding the ingredients when required and giving a bit of a stir now and again. I had to add some hot water when the bhaji curry was cooking, but not a lot.

Almost at the planned dining time I served up the Cauliflower Bhaji on a bed of basmati rice. I figure that this recipe could be used for a main or as a side dish.

Tonight I was using the recipe as a main.

The curry tasting crew eagerly got stuck into the food and everyone loved the meal. This was a very popular dish and, to put it simply, was delicious. The cauliflower was well cooked – firm but not soggy. And the taste was lovely. The cauliflower bhaji received an average taste score of 8.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Medium to Hot” – there was a nice after-burn in the mouth after the curry had been eaten.

This is a good-sized curry as a side dish. I served it as a main and it was barely enough. If you want a bigger curry then you should use a large cauliflower rather than a medium one.

cauliflower bhaji curry image

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