Butter Chicken Curry Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

Those of you that know me will confirm that I have a love-hate relationship with butter chicken curries. I tend to avoid them as they are usually too creamy or too bland. But now and again I try a butter chicken curry that is pretty good.

I saw that there was an untested butter chicken curry recipe that had recently been published in the Curry Focus chicken curry recipes so I decided to try the recipe out for myself.

The butter chicken curry recipe had a fair few ingredients and lots of cooking steps but a good look at the recipe showed that the method broke down into 4 parts – marinating, making the cashew paste, making the tomato paste and, finally, getting everything together for the main cooking phase.

I bought the ingredients that I needed when doing my weekly shop and all went well (how hard is it to shop?)

I made up the marinade, put in the chicken pieces and popped the marinating ingredients into the fridge on Saturday night.

And I made the cashew paste and tomato paste in the middle of the afternoon which meant that the main cooking phase would only take about 20 minutes – just brilliant – no slaving over a hot stove all evening (not that I do that anyway).

The one thing that did not really work was the sieving of the tomato paste to remove any lumps. I tipped the tomato paste into a fine sieve and hardly anything went through the sieve – only a few dribbles of water – even when I pushed with the back of a spoon. But I had already made a smooth paste so did not really understand why this step was needed – the paste was already smooth. Maybe my sieve is too fine? Whatever. Keep going.

I started the actual cooking about 20 minutes before the planned meal time and the main cooking phase was well under way when the curry tasting crew arrived and settled themselves in the dining room – from their noises you would think that they were starving.

The main cooking phase went just fine. The sauce was not too runny and I actually remembered to add the fresh coriander (cilantro) instead of leaving it to the side and then spotting it when the curry had been eaten.

So I served up the Butter Chicken curry on basmati rice to the waiting tasters and it was good. Everyone enjoyed the butter chicken (even me, although I found it slightly too creamy for my taste despite there being only 4 tablespoons of cream in the curry). The butter chicken had that typical red/orange colour (the Kashmiri chilli powder is a deep, deep red and is a powerful colouring agent). There was a nice amount of sauce (not too much) and everything was well cooked. This was a butter chicken and it tasted like a butter chicken probably should. It certainly tasted better than a lot of curry house butter chicken dishes that I have tried – how does that happen when they are professionals and I am basically just an amateur?

Everyone was more vocal in their support of the butter chicken than I was and it received a great taste score of 8.5 out of 10, with a spice/heat rating of “Medium”.

There was a nice, gentle, afterburn in the mouth from the chillies.

This is a good butter chicken curry recipe that you should give a go if butter chicken is one of your favourite curry dishes.

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