Live Longer By Eating Curry


Once again the Internet is buzzing with articles saying that eating curry makes you live longer. Over the years we have written a lot of blogs about the health benefits of eating curry.

In fact, there was a blog about eating curry and living longer that we published in May of 2014. That blog was about the effects of chillies on pain receptors in the brain.

But this latest news is about the overall benefits of eating curries and living longer. This news item does not really come as a great surprise to the Curry Focus Team.

The latest piece of news comes from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. The academy did a study of 500,000 people and worked out that those who ate a curry once or twice a week were 10% less likely to die than the people who didn’t. And eating spicy food every day reduced the risk of death by 14%.

The main active ingredient pinpointed in the study was capsaicin, which every curry lover knows is the compound that gives the heat in chillies.

The study also uncovered that curry eaters were also less likely to die of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Of course, everyone is going to die at some time. You cannot live indefinitely by eating 15 or 20 curries a week even though you might enjoy it. But once again there is evidence that eating a curry is good for you.

Curry on.


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