Sri Lanka Goat Curry Recipe Retest Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

Late last year I found a Sri Lanka goat curry recipe to try among the Curry Focus goat curry recipes. And the recipe did not work. I followed the recipe and the resultant curry was pretty bad. Almost inedible. A couple of weekends ago my local supermarket had goat meat on sale for a really good price and I bought some and put it in the freezer.

This weekend I reread the previous curry recipe review and decided that I would implement some changes to try and make the recipe work and produce a great goat curry.

Having previously bought the goat meat, I didn’t really have anything to buy for this weekend’s curry. I need to say at this stage that I automatically buy onions and potatoes at the weekend. We use a lot of onions in making curries. And we just love potatoes.

On Saturday afternoon I changed the method steps in the recipe to what I thought would work. I did not need to change any of the ingredient details.

I made up the marinade on Sunday morning and put the goat meat in to marinate around lunchtime.

The new cooking time for the goat curry was about 1.75 hours so I started the preparation and then the cooking at around 5:30 pm, with dinner time being set at 7:30 pm.

And cooking this curry is a breeze. There are very few steps and the most important thing to do was give the curry time so that the meat would be cooked OK.

The vultures (sorry, tasting team) arrived just as I was starting to cook the rice and so it was not too long before I was serving up the Sri Lanka Goat Curry on basmati rice.

And this was a totally different curry to the first version. The meat was tender and well cooked, there was still a lot of sauce but it tasted a lot better than the first time around. The garam masala was a nice touch. This is a big curry and everyone was full after eating it. The goat curry looks boring but tastes great and received a taste score of 8 out of 10 and a spice/heat level of “Hot”. There was a nice after burn in the mouth.

So maybe I am learning a little after all these years of following curry recipes and tasting the results. I just need to read a new recipe more closely rather than just accept it as being good.

Sri Lanka goat curry image

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