Oven Cooked Chicken Vindaloo Curry Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

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I carry on the English obsession with vindaloo curry. A vindaloo curry appears on nearly every curry house menu in England. This hot curry, adapted in India from a Portuguese dish, has since been adapted in England to become an English curry legend. The Fat Les vindaloo song was a monster hit in 1998, reaching number 2 in the charts, and is regularly sung at England football matches. The song was written for England’s 1998 FIFA world Cup campaign.

A vindaloo curry is usually pretty spicy hot and is not for the faint-hearted.

There seem to be 2 different schools of thought about the vindaloo. A vindaloo curry is hot and some people think that is all a vindaloo needs to be. But a traditional vindaloo has vinegar in it and a lot of curry lovers say that a vindaloo without vinegar is not really a vindaloo. Whatever. I like both styles as long as it isn’t too hot.

Among the vindaloo curry recipes, I spotted the the oven cooked vindaloo curry recipe. I don’t make many curries in the oven – mainly a biryani. But I was willing to give this chicken curry recipe a test, especially as this is a really easy curry to make and looks like it would be good.

I picked up the chicken drumsticks when out on my usual Saturday morning shopping trip. I could only get a packet of 9 drumsticks so I thought I would just throw one away. Just joking. No way would I throw food away. I just cooked all 9 drumsticks so there was a bonus chicken drumstick at the end (for me, the cook – I had it for lunch the next day).

One thing that I did notice was that there are a lot of onions in this vindaloo – 3 onions. Now that is a lot for a curry that is not a dopiaza. But this is a big curry so maybe 3 onions would not be too much.

And making the vindaloo curry went pretty much to plan. No glitches. I had a jar of Madras curry paste in the fridge and used that to make the vindaloo. Luckily I have a really large saucepan to use so cooking everything together worked just fine.

The one really great thing about this curry recipe is that I had not much to do at all once the curry went into the oven.

Before too long I was serving up the oven cooked chicken vindaloo curry on basmati rice to the recently arrived tasting team.

And the vindaloo was really good. There was a lot of liquid, a bit more than I would have liked, but the leftover liquid would be a tasty soup the next day. And there were a lot of onions but this was not really a problem because we all like onions (and, after all, they were nicely cooked) – it is hard to be a curry lover without liking onions. The chicken was lovely and tender and melted in the mouth.

The only thing that surprised me was that the vindaloo only had a “Medium” spice/heat level. So much for my rantings about a vindaloo being hot. Adding a fresh chilli or two would have given the vindaloo curry a bit of a kick. This chicken vindaloo received a taste score of 8 out of 10 and left everyone nicely filled.

A simple but effective vindaloo curry recipe.

oven cooked chicken vindaloo curry image

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