What is a Daag Curry Base?

daag curry base

We recently received a daag curry base recipe and have published it for all to see – thanks V Sharma.

But nobody in the CurryFocus Team knew what a daag curry base was.

We asked some of our friends and acquaintances from the sub-continent and they hadn’t heard of this usage of the word daag. A few of them said that it was the name of a film and also a popular television programme.

So we asked our friend called Google and found out that it was basically a paste that is made before it is needed so that you can quickly make a curry without having to go through the time consuming steps of frying the onions, spices and tomatoes.

Apparently it is quite common to have kitchen help, or servants, in the sub-continent so nobody really minds that the preparation and cooking of the onions, spices and tomatoes takes a fair amount of time because these tasks are given to the kitchen help. Then, when it comes time to actually make a curry, the cook adds the remaining ingredients and a curry is made.

But, as we said before, a daag curry base is not part of cooking on the sub-continent. It seems to be a British invention.

What happens here is that the onions, spices and tomatoes are fried and then the ingredient mixture is allowed to cool before being stored until it is needed. This is the daag curry base. It can go into the freezer for a long time or kept in the fridge for a couple of days.

When it comes time to make the curry, the daag curry base is defrosted if it has been kept in the freezer. Then the daag curry base is heated with a little water before the main ingredient (meat or vegetables) is added along with any final spices and garnishes. The cooking time with the main ingredient will vary, depending on the ingredient, but it means that you can make a chicken curry in less than 30 minutes.

The recipe that has just been published on the Curry Focus website is for enough daag curry base for 8 people so it could be used to make 1 really big curry for 8 people or 2 curries for 4 people or 4 curries for 2 people.

Presumably curry houses use this basic technique to create the bases for their curries. A curry base will be heated and other ingredients added to produce the individual curries that have been ordered by the customers. Most people would not wait for more than 15 or 20 minutes in a curry house for their meal.

Of course, if you use the same daag curry base for your curries then you are going to end up with similar tasting curries. But if you have a stunning daag curry base recipe then this is going to be great.

There is nothing to stop you adjusting the basic daag curry base recipe to give you the taste that you like. You can do what you want.

We notice that the main daag curry base article which we found says that daag recipe was in the top 10 curry recipes searched for on Google in 2014 in the UK. Really? It seems odd that there is so little about daag curry base recipes on the Internet. But maybe we’ve missed something to our detriment. Perhaps we should get out more.

daag curry base

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