Chicken Biryani Curry (version 3) Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

My regular readers will know how much I love a great biryani and cannot be surprised that I’ve chosen another chicken biryani curry recipe to try this weekend. I’m still determined to try as many of the huge range of Curry Focus curry recipes and I get to choose the curry recipe that I want to test.

All of the biryani curry recipes can be found in the biryani curry recipe category so they can be found pretty quickly.

I checked the ingredients and was a bit surprised to see coconut milk used in the recipe and the basmati rice was being cooked along with the other ingredients. I found this to be odd as I thought that rice in a biryani was cooked separately to the other ingredients and then everything was mixed together for the final cooking. But what do I know?

I picked up the ingredients that I needed whilst out shopping and was all ready to go when Sunday rolled around. I had noticed that there was only 1 hour of marinating time needed in the recipe. Again, I thought this was odd and would have thought that marinating would at least last for a few hours. But, once again, what do I know.

So the cooking started late on Sunday afternoon after the chicken had marinated for about 2 hours.

And then the real cooking started and it was not long before I was adding the coconut milk, water and rice to the largest saucepan that I’ve got. I reduced the heat to low, made sure a gentle simmer was underway, put on the lid and left everything alone for 20 minutes before removing the saucepan from the heat and leaving the biryani for another 5 minutes.

And the rice was not cooked!! It was grainy and inedible. So I cooked the biryani for another 10 minutes but still no different. Another 5 minutes were still not enough and then the rice was finally cooked after a final 5 minutes. Should the rice have cooked properly after the first 25 minutes or does having chicken and other ingredients affect the cooking time?

Of course, the rice was ruined now. It was stodgy. Yuck. Nevertheless, I served up the chicken biryani curry to the impatient curry tasting team (who are used to eating pretty much on schedule).

And nobody liked it. The chicken was cooked OK but, as I said, the basmati rice was stodgy and sticky. The whole chicken biryani was bland. The chicken biryani curry received a very poor taste score of 3 out of 10 with a spice/heat level of “Mild”. Very disappointing.

I took a portion of the biryani to work the next day to see if it got better the next day (a lot of curries do). But it was not better. An Indian work colleague passed by and asked what I was eating and was horrified that I would be eating a biryani that had coconut milk in it.

He was even more horrified when he saw the state of the rice.

To sum it up, this was an awful curry. I checked over the recipe again to see if I’d messed up with the preparation and cooking (which I sometimes do), but no – I had followed the recipe faithfully.

So there’s no way that I’ll be using this recipe again. It’s a good job that the other chicken biryani curry recipes on the Curry Focus website are great.

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