Chicken Rezala Curry Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again,

The Curry Focus website gets quite a few people looking for rezala curry recipes as well as people wanting to know what a rezala curry actually is.

We wrote a blog on what is a rezala curry about a year ago but we got our information from the internet, rather than from experience. The searching for information is pretty consistent so I decided to find out for myself exactly what a rezala curry is by testing the Chicken Rezala Curry recipe on the Curry Focus website.

I gathered the ingredients during my regular Saturday sopping trip (I am a hunter gatherer) and Sunday afternoon found me preparing the marinade and then marinating the chicken for 2 hours.

I leisurely prepared the rest of the ingredients while the chicken was marinating. It was all pretty easy stuff but there was a bit of fiddling around making different pastes and mixtures.

The actual cooking time for the chicken rezala curry was about 40 minutes which, although a bit longer than for most curries, is easy when there not much effort involved from the cook (me).

Everything went pretty smoothly and, almost to plan, I served up the Chicken Rezala Curry on basmati rice to the official curry tasting crew.

And it was good. As can be guessed, this is a very white curry, having chicken cooked in milk and yogurt. About the only colour added to the curry was from the chillies and some of the spices.

The chicken rezala curry was surprisingly good. The chicken was well cooked and there was lots of runny white sauce. I haven’t had many curry that had raisins in them and it was weird biting into a raisin now and again. I’m not sure whether raisins are an authentic Indian curry ingredient – they sound like a British recipe addition to me.

Although the curry looked bland, bland it was not. The rezala curry received a taste score of 8 out of 10 and a spice/heat rating of “medium to hot”. The curry would have been a lot hotter without the yogurt and milk to keep the spice/heat down (yogurt and dairy are often used ingredients used to cool down a curry).

So now I really know what a rezala curry is about. And it was good. And I will be making one again.

chicken rezala curry image

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