Curry Makes You Fearless

Yet another potential benefit of consuming curcumin has been uncovered by a team of scientists/ psychologists.

Curcumin is a yellow compound in turmeric and we all know that turmeric is in a lot of curries.

This time it has been discovered that curcumin stops fear. And not only that, curcumin wipes existing fears from the brain.

A study took place where rats were trained to associate a sound with being scared. Then some of the rats were fed with food that contained curcumin while the other rats just ate food without curcumin. When the sound was played, the rats without curcumin in their food became scared while the rats fed curcumin showed no sign of being scared.

One potential application for this discovery is treating people with psychological problems.

But more research needs to be done on this topic before definitive claims can be made.

You can read more about this interesting piece of research here.

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