Curry Testosterone Boost

One of those oddball study reports recently came to the attention of the Curry Focus Team.

Basically, the study said that men who eat curries have a higher testosterone level than men who do not eat curries.

The report seems to be saying that higher testosterone level encourages men to eat spicier foods. Or could it be that eating spicy foods increases testosterone levels?

This is the first such study that any of us can remember on this subject and the alpha males immediately started to beat their chests (some ape noises were also heard – a bit sad really).

The study took place at the University of Grenoble where 144 men took part in eating mashed potato with optional chilli sauce.

We thought this was a weird kind of experiment as we cannot imagine who would pass up the chance of adding chilli sauce to mashed potatoes.

You can read about this unusual study here.

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