Vindaloo Curry Diet Makes You Thin

Every so often, we read about how people lose weight by eating curries. We usually smile and then file the story and move on.

But this story made us really smile and we thought that we would share it with you.

A delivery driver called Mike Snell has lost an astonishing 10 stone (73KG or 140 lbs) in less than a year by starting his day off with a meal of vindaloo.

What a way to start your day – with a lovely vindaloo.

Mike has lost all of this weight without exercising at all. All of those so-called weight loss experts must be spinning out of control.

And Mike eats whatever he wants. All before 10am. And after 10am he eats hardly anything at all.

We are sure that this diet would not be for everyone but all in the Curry Focus office say that they wouldn’t mind giving the diet a go as it means they can wolf done vindaloo every day.

There are some great vindaloo curry recipes on the Curry Focus website for you enjoy, including a very yummy pork vindaloo curry.

You can read all about Mike Snell’s successful diet here.

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