Vegetable Patia Curry Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

A few years ago I went through a phase where I was eating patea/patia curries on a weekly basis. I just love the sweet and sour tastes of this wonderful curry. Then I drifted off and tried new dishes and never really went back to rekindle my patea/patia obsession.

Well, you can imagine my delight when I saw a new patia curry recipe arrive on the Curry Focus website. And this is a vegetable patia curry recipe so it is healthy. OK, it might not be totally healthy. But it should please all of the vegetarian curry lovers who visit the Curry Focus website.

I bought some green vegetables for the curry while out on my regular Saturday shopping trip – some broccoli, green beans and a courgette (zucchini). And a little tub of yoghurt.

Despite there being a fair number of ingredients for this curry, I had everything else already.

On Sunday afternoon, I cooked the vegetables and let them cool while I was getting the rest of the ingredients ready. And no really difficult things to do in preparing the rest of the ingredients. Making the yoghurt and onion paste was hardly taxing and the most of the remainder of the preparation was measuring with my trusty teaspoons. I do not know why I said “trusty”. They are just ordinary teaspoons.

But they get involved with nearly every curry that I make.

I started to cook the curry proper half an hour before the planned dinner time.

And everything went smoothly. Apart from me stirring too erratically (erratically?) at one stage and a dollop of curry landed on my white t-shirt. Oops. A quick change of clothes between stirs and throwing the t-shirt into the washing machine got rid of the mess – and no stain!!! Perfect.

Back to the cooking story.

As I said, the cooking went smoothly and the curry tasting crew smoothly entered the house with less than 5 minutes to go until eating time. They have this routine of arriving just at eating time down to a fine art.

I served up the Vegetable Patia Curry on basmati rice to the keen diners and we all got stuck in to the curry.

And it was great. The patia easily had the two main sweet and sour tastes almost to perfection. If anything, there was a tad too much sweetness. Everything was well cooked and the patia was nice and dry. If you want more of a sauce I suppose you could add a little hot water while cooking. Everyone liked the curry and it got a taste score of 8 out of 10 with a spice/heat level of “Hot” – these was a nice little after-burn on my lips when I had finished eating.

Another winner that I will be making again pretty soon.

vegetable patia curry image

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