Thanksgiving 2014 in USA

The USA Thanksgiving festival and holiday will soon be here and Thanksgiving Day is on November 27th in 2014.

Once again thousands of Americans will be making the journey to celebrate the annual festival with their families or friends (or both).

Thanksgiving has long been a major celebration in the USA and commemorates the giving of thanks for the harvests by the early US settlers from Europe.

And Thanksgiving Day is when the traditional meal of turkey and all of the trimmings is eaten.

Most Thanksgiving turkeys are pretty big and there is usually leftover turkey around for the next few days. Sometimes you can be eating leftover turkey for all of the days of the holiday.

One really great way to use up the leftover turkey is to make a leftover turkey curry and the Curry Focus website has some easy leftover turkey curry recipes that can convert the turkey into a great curry.

Most of the leftover turkey recipes produce a yummy curry on less than 30 minutes. They really are easy recipes to follow.

About the only planning ahead that you need to do is to make sure that you have the required spices.

If you’re worried about the curries being too hot, you can adjust the spice/heat level by changing the amount of chilli that you use. Just add more chilli for hotter and reduce the chilli for cooler.

We hope all of our American visitors have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy all of the parades and festivities.

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