Curry Capital of Britain

The Curry Focus team has received a few emails recently asking about the Curry Capital of Britain. Just what is this event?

We have seen articles about this annual event before but never written a blog about it. Why not? Well, there are so many curry awards and curry competitions nowadays we would probably be writing about one every week and be in danger of becoming just a free advertising site for oddball and spurious competitions. If you run a curry award or curry competition event, get in touch with your local newspaper (or their website) and get them involved.

But seeing that we’ve had a few people asking, we did a little bit of research for you.

The Curry Capital of Britain is an annual competition that has been running for 12 years now.

What happens is that 4 restaurants are chosen to represent each competing city (or part of a city – London is split into 4 or 5 areas). The restaurants are chosen by a mixture of public votes along with council, newspaper and radio nominations. Councils seem to be the driving force for each city – presumably they see the publicity as being good for them as well as the bragging rights if they win the title of Curry Capital of Britain.

Dossiers are prepared by the competing cities and they are given to the organisers. The dossiers contain details of the competing restaurants and how the local community and the cities interact with each other.

Each year there is a National Curry Week (around October time) and, during this week, each restaurant holds fund raising events (the benefiting charity is Find Your Feet). The events are obviously curry-related, with events such as “how many poppadoms can be eaten in 60 seconds” and other such eating competitions.

A group of judges decide on the winning city and the announcement is made. This year the winning city is Bradford. In fact, Bradford has now won the title for the past 4 years. A surprising second this year is Brighton which is not generally recognised as a hotbed of curry cuisine (although one of the Curry Focus team has enjoyed a few yummy curries in Brighton over the years).

That’s basically what the Curry Capital of Britain is all about.

The competition organisers have a website where you can read all about his annual event.

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