Thanksgiving 2014 in Canada

Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching for citizens of Canada, who celebrate this annual festival on the second Monday of October (about 6 weeks earlier than Thanksgiving Day in the US).

With Thanksgiving Day being a public holiday in most of Canada, a lot of families gather for the annual feast on the weekend before Monday.

Just like in the US, there are parades and sports events on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving is not as widespread in Canada as in the US but it is a popular family occasion where big turkey dinners are consumed.

Turkeys are as just big in Canada as in the US and there always seems to be lots of leftover turkey to be eaten.

There are lots of leftover turkey recipes on the Curry Focus website that will let you turn leftover turkey meat into a yummy curry. Just have a look at the turkey curry recipes before the holiday to find out what spices and other ingredients you’ll need.

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