Eat Curry and Become Even Smarter

Once again we read about another piece of exciting research with one of the compounds in turmeric.

But this time it isn’t curcumin that is being researched. Instead, it is a compound called aromatic-turmerone.

A German research team injected aromatic-turmerone into rats and observed that nerve cells in the brain were more active after the injections. And the team conjecture that the increased activity could be causing an increase in the number of brain cells, thus making the rats smarter.

Further tests have shown that different concentrations of aromatic-turmerone all cause increased nerve activity.

In the past it has proved hard to get the same results in people as in laboratory experiments but more research is going to be carried out to see if this research can lead to better treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

A lot of curries contain turmeric so you may get smarter just by eating curries. Of course, you have already shown that you are smart by choosing to eat curries in the first place.

You can read more about this new piece of research here.

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