Hotter or Cooler Curry?

One hot topic that the Curry Focus Team gets emails about is how to cool down a curry that is too hot.

A few of the emails arrive about dinner time so we assume that a superhot curry is sitting on the dinner table with people wondering how to cool it down.

We wrote a blog about this, called How to Cool Down a Curry thats “Too Hot!” way back in 2007 and the advice in the blog is still as good as you are going to get.

And now and again we get asked the opposite question about how to make a curry hotter.

The main ingredient that controls the heat level of a curry is the chilli.

Generally speaking, if you want a curry to be hotter then you add chillies and if you want to make a curry cooler then you reduce the number of chillies.

There is a good Curry Focus article called Changing the Heat of a Curry about this subject.

The consensus in the Curry Focus office is to make a medium curry (unless you know that everyone wants a hot curry) and have a bowl of raita on the table in case somebody wants to cool down the curry.

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