Curry Calorie Details Now On Recipe Pages

If you, like many of us, are looking for healthy curry options on many of our tasty curries then you will be pleased to see that we have now added the calories of the dish. Here is an example – the delicious Balti Chicken Curry which you will notice states that it has 232 calories each serving (633 calories if eating with rice).

Wow, doesn’t rice pack a punch when it comes to calories? Great if you are trying to bulk up but not always the best diet food. If you are looking for a low calorie curry you might want to check out our Paleo Chicken Curry – only 453 calories per serving.

Some of the curry recipes do not yet have the calorie information, but most of them do. The Curry Focus software engineers in our programming team are still fine-tuning our calorie calculating software as we speak – a challenging task as you can imagine not all the recipes are submitted in the same fashion.

If you know of a tasty low calorie curry, why not take a moment and share it with us and our community of like minded curry lovers?

If you are interested in a discussion on curry calories then you can read more about this in the Curry Calorie Count blogs. These blogs were written way back in 2009 but they are still very current.

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