Easy Paleo Rice Substitute

The most common substitute for rice used by Paleo diet followers is cauliflower rice. A head of cauliflower can make up to 6 servings of rice. It may sound strange, however if diced up, and seasoned it is actually an extremely healthy and tasty alternative.

Don’t expect your cauliflower rice to taste exactly like regular rice, it is not ever going to. However it is a lot healthier than your standard serving of white rice and allows you to still have that delicious curry, whilst fitting into the Paleo/Primal guidelines.

On the Curry Focus website, there are several cauliflower rice recipes among the Paleo recipes.

The best thing about cauliflower rice is that the calorie count is only a fraction of what rice is ( 1 cup of rice is 205 calories, a cup of cauliflower rice only 28!), it is much lower on the glycemic load and lower in carbs as well.

If you are looking for a low calorie curry – the best place to start is getting rid of the rice.

Do you have any other substitutes that you like to use instead of rice? Please share with us.

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