Eat Curry and Live Longer

Once again the Curry Focus team spots an article which shows that eating curries helps you live longer. We regularly see articles about the health-boosting properties of curry ingredients.

And this time it is the chilli that lets you live longer.

Scientists from the University of California have found out that chillis block the brain’s reception of pain signals and this extends your life. Mice were used in experiments and the scientists found that some mice lived 14% longer.

And even better, their lives were healthier. The mice had less cancer and kept their memory longer.

And more, the mice used up calories without needing to do exercise.

Other good effects were a reduction in the risk of getting diabetes

As any curry fan knows, it is the capsaicin in chillies that give the heat and it is this compound that is produces the good results found in this research.

The article about this fascinating subject mentions that hair and skin also stays young with this amazing compound.

The question I have is whether it will make hair grow back. Probably not. But in the meantime I’ll keep eating curries to keep me healthy.

You can read more about this exciting research here.

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