Curry and Weight

Every now and again I get asked why I’m not fat with all the curries that I eat. I am a little overweight but could hardly be called fat.

I eat a curry most days, mostly as work lunches, so what is my secret?

Well, there is no secret really. I make most of my curries myself so I have total control over what goes into my food.

I wrote a series of articles a few years ago about curries and calories.

The main point about the articles was that you can only control the calories in your food if you make it yourself or buy one of those packaged supermarket meals (where the calories and kilojoules are written on the packaging). And the really big calories can come from the extras that we eat, such as naan, puri, beer, onion bhajis and the like.

Over the years, I’ve read newspaper articles about how people put on huge amounts of weight while eating lots of curries but I’ve also read the opposite where people have lost a lot of weight on a curry diet.

I suppose people’s metabolisms vary widely, as do other contributing factors such as how mobile you are and whether you also eat desserts (I don’t).

If you’re looking for me to tell you how to eat what you want without putting on weight then you are going to be disappointed. If I had that knowledge then I’d write a best-selling book and become wealthy.

In the meantime, I’ll continue stocking up the freezer with homemade curries so I can have a tasty meal when I want one.

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