Shrink Breast Tumours with Turmeric

Another piece of medical research has produced a potentially very effective treatment for breast tumours.

And the magic ingredient is turmeric or, more accurately, curcumin.

Turmeric is the curry ingredient that gives a curry its yellow colour.

Scientists have discovered that curcumin can, under the right conditions, shrink breast tumours.

The research for this took place on mice and it shrank tumours by about a third and slowed the reproduction rate of cancerous cells.

But eating curcumin does not really have good results because it is broken down in the stomach.

Instead, scientists created breast implants. Not the usual breast implants but small capsules (that contain curcumin) that are inserted into the body.

The capsules are only 2 millimetres long and contain 200 milligrams of curcumin

Lots of research is taking place to see if curcumin is effective in treating tumours, breast cancer and bowel cancer.

You can read more about this latest research here.

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