Mexican Overtaken Curry as Favourite in UK?

The Curry Focus team sat in disbelief as a really misleading headline hit us right between the eyes.

The headline said that Mexican food had overtaken curries as the favourite food in the UK.

As our American cousins would say, “What utter baloney”. Well, maybe they wouldn’t say ”utter”.

And if you read the article, it doesn’t say this at all. What the article is saying is that more money is spent on ingredients to make Mexican meals than is spent on ingredients to make curries. Now this we can believe.

The article says that Brits spend about £168million on buying Mexican food ingredients compared to £90.3million on curry ingredients. We can believe those numbers but that’s a long way from Mexican food overtaking curry as the top UK food. With around 10,000 curry houses in the UK, annual curry house turnover of £4.5 billion and supermarket curry sales of £564 million.

The article does not give the annual turnover from Mexican restaurants but we’d venture to say that it nowhere near the turnover of the UK curry industry.

Don’t get it wrong, everyone in the Curry Focus office likes Mexican food (although we do prefer curries) and our American acquaintance loves TexMex (which is a bit of a hybrid cuisine), but such misleading headlines completely distort the facts.

Having got that off our chests, we’re off out to dinner for a few burritos, enchiladas and maragritas.

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