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Chickpea, Carrot and Potato Curry Recipe Review – I could quickly see that cooking this curry would be a breeze seeing that there are only 5 steps in the recipe….

Curry Chef of the Year Awards 2013 – News has reached the Curry Focus team of the Curry Chef of the Year Award for 2013….

Diwali 2013 – The 5-day festival is one of the most important Hindu festivals and celebrates the returm of Rama after 14 years of exile and the killing of the evil demon Narakasura….

Chicken and Potato Curry Recipe Review – The recipe looked easy to make and was more like a “classic” chicken curry, with the added bonus of potato and peas….

Aubergine (Eggplant) and Potato Curry Recipe Review – I’ve never really had any success with aubergine curries but thought that I’d give this really easy recipe a chance to give me a win….

Top 10 recipes for last month

1 Poppadoms
2 Chicken Sagwala Curry
3 Chicken Bhuna Curry (version 1)
4 Chicken Pathia (Patia) Curry
5 Saag Bhaji Curry
6 Pork Jalfrezi Curry
7 Madras Curry Paste
8 Chicken Dhansak
9 Beef Bhuna Curry
10 Balti Chicken Madras Curry

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