Chana Masala Curry Recipe (version 2) Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

Now I don’t know about you, but I love a good vegetarian curry. And top of the vegetarian curries for me are the chickpea and dal curries.

So my eye lit up when I found a chana masala curry recipe that I had not tried on the Curry Focus website.

All of the ingredients were pretty much what you would expect for a chana masala curry. Except, maybe, the chickpeas were out of tins (cans). Cooking traditionalists would never use chickpeas out of a tin (can). But I’m quite happy to use this shortcut. I really cannot see any problem with using chickpeas out of a tin (can). Just as I cannot see the problem in using ready-made curry powder instead of roasting and grinding the spices yourself. It’s really up to you whether you use these shortcuts. The important thing is the taste. If you want to be some kind of cooking martyr, you can soak chickpeas overnight and boil them for 30 to 40 minutes until they are soft. It’s your choice.

Anyway, back to the recipe. All I had to pick up for the curry was the chickpeas (all I had at home was a big jar of dried chickpeas – ha!).

The really good thing about this recipe is that the cooking time is less than 30 minutes. Now that makes this an ideal curry to make for an evening meal.

But my curry recipe testing happens on a Sunday and I had the ingredients prepared and waiting when the curry tasters arrived.

I started the cooking and everything went well. No problems and no mistakes. The ingredients get really dry when you add the spices so stirring the ingredients during this phase is essential.

The cooking time was well within 30 minutes and I served up the Chana Masala curry on basmati rice (my favourite rice).

And it was stunning. I loved it. It was easily the best chana masala that I’ve ever tasted. The curry was nice and spicy (getting a spice/heat rating of “Hot”). Everything was well cooked and there was a nice, gentle, afterburn on the lips when it was all eaten. The only negative point was that there was a fairly strong lemon taste. If you don’t like a lemon taste then maybe you should only use 1 tablespoon of lemon juice instead of the called-for 2 tablespoons. But apart from the lemon taste, the chana masala curry was very popular and received a taste score of 8.5 out of 10. And this is a big curry that easily feeds 6 people (leftovers for me – yay!)

So there you go. Give this recipe a try if you like chana masala but hold back on the lemon juice if it doesn’t suit your taste.

chana masala curry image

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