Chilli Beef Recipe Review

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The weekend is here again so it is curry time. Sunday night just would not be the same without the lure of testing a new curry recipe.

My eyes drifted over the list of curry recipes that I still had to try out and fell upon the chilli beef recipe. This is a very simple recipe to follow with not many ingredients.

Following the recent problem of an undercooked goat curry (safe to eat but the meat was chewy), I was relieved to see that the recipe called for cooking the beef for 2 hours. That should be plenty of time.

So, whilst out shopping, I picked up the ingredients that I needed (the capsicum and beef – I had everything else).

The only thing that I had to be aware of when making this curry was the cooking time. It would take about 2.5 hours to cook the curry so I started the ingredient preparation 3 hours before the scheduled dining time. It just wouldn’t do to keep the diners waiting too long for their Sunday evening meal.

The actual cooking of the curry was easy peasy. The only thing that I was a bit unsure of was that the main cooking phase of 90 minutes would be done without a lid on the frying pan. But 2 tins of chopped tomatoes, plus the beef stock, gave a lot of liquid which reduced nicely. There was still plenty of gravy/liquid when the red kidney beans entered the arena but it was thickening well – I could have done the final 30 minutes of cooking without a lid if I wanted the gravy/sauce to be really thick but it all worked out well by following the recipe.

I served up the chili beef almost bang on the expected dining time. As usual, basmati rice accompanied the meal.

And how was it? Pretty good. In fact, very good. The beef was well cooked and the food was tasty. The dish had a spice/heat level of “Hot” and left a nice warm, tingling, aftertaste on the lips. The chilli beef received a taste score of 8.5 out of 10.

This is a big curry so leftovers for my work lunch. Nice.

Of course, there was a bit of a debate as to whether this was actually a curry. Is a chilli actually a curry? In my eyes the answer is “yes”. It’s just a different type of dish, like madras or jalfrezi or korma. You can find all of the ingredients in other curry dishes. I was the cook and have control of the keyboard so my opinion prevails.

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