Madras Curry Ice Cream

Now here’s a piece of news that got everyone in the Curry Focus office really excited.

An ice cream making company in Bolton has added the flavour of Madras Curry to its range of ice creams.

Absolutely brilliant.

The company makes more traditional flavours such as vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

You may think that we’re biased, but the Madras Curry flavour is one that we hope will really take off.

And why stop at Madras Curry flavour? How about chicken tandoori, pork vindaloo or lamb dhansak? There are dozens of possible great curry flavours to think about. And what about ice lollies, as well as ice creams? Go for it Holden’s.

Unfortunately, for now, Holden’s Ice Cream website only shows outlets in the northwest of England. What about the rest of us? Any plans to distribute using a supermarket chain?

If you’re living up there in the northwest, how about trying out this fantastic new flavour and letting us know what you think?

In the meantime, the Curry Focus team is planning a trip up north to sample some of the local culture.

You can read more about this new ice cream flavour here.

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