Spinach Keema Curry Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

Curry time again. I just love the weekend curry.

I was browsing through the huge range of curry recipes on the Curry Focus website and came across a curry that was sure to be a hit – spinach and keema curry. Keema is minced meat. And, as an added bonus, there were potatoes in the curry as well. All good ingredients that aren’t expensive to buy and the very easy to follow recipe should make cooking the curry a dream.

I picked up the ingredients that I needed whilst out doing my weekly shop. I almost decided to make some rotis to go with the curry but, in the end, decided to stick with basmati rice.

The preparation for the curry was really much the same as usual – peeling the onions, garlic and fresh ginger root and measuring out the spices. The extra little bit with this curry was peeling and parboiling the potatoes.

The cooking time for the curry is a bit more than 50 minutes so I started the actual curry cooking an hour before the usual scheduled dining time.

And nothing went wrong and, really, nothing exciting happened with making the curry. I did notice that this would be a big curry, having 4 potatoes and a lot of minced (ground) beef. My favourite big frying pan couldn’t really cope with all of the ingredients and I swapped the frying pan for a big saucepan when halfway through cooking. The frying pan may have coped but it would be testing the limits when adding the spinach.

Right on schedule, I served up the Spinach Keema curry on basmati rice to the assembled curry tasters who arrived just before the curry was ready.

And how was the curry? It was great. Everything was well cooked and the tastes were lovely. And you could taste the cinnamon – such a “warm” spice. The curry received an average taste score of 8 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Medium”.

This was a really big curry and the leftover curry was put into containers in the freezer and will give me a couple of tasty work lunch meals. Yummy.

spinach keema curry image

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