Conflicting Curry Diet Stories

Does eating curries make you lose weight or gain weight?

This is one of the hotly debated questions in the Curry Focus office.

And, really, the answer is “both”.

A while ago we read about a woman who lost 3 stone (19KG) when eating curries. And this year we read about how a couple lost 12 stone (76KG) between them by stopping eating curries.

These seem like very contradictory stories so which one is true?

Well, if you actually read the stories, you’ll see that both are true.

Suki Burai lost weight when eating curries because she made the curries herself and, consequently, had control over the ingredients and could substitute less fattening ingredients for the high-calorie ingredients in her curries. This became so successful that Suki started up a weight loss group that concentrated on eating healthy curries.

The couple who lost weight when they stopped eating curries show the other side of the curry-eating coin. They gained lots of weight when eating a couple of high-calorie restaurant curries a day, accompanied by naan bread and pakoras. Often the curries contained lots of cream, ghee and sugar. So it is hardly surprising that they lost a huge amount of weight when they stopped eating the curries.

Both of these stories highlight the main points made in the “Curry Calorie Count” series of blogs that we wrote. To summarise, you have total control over curries that you make yourself and have little control over curries bought in restaurants. And the real things that pile on the weight are the common extras, such as naan bread, bhajis, pakoras and beer.

So you don’t have to give up eating curries to lose weight (yay!!!). You just need to be aware of what you’re eating. Just like any kind of diet really.

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