Cucumber and Carrot Raita Recipe Review

cucumber and carrot raita image

Hi, Ray here again.

My last recipe review was on the Vegetable Green Curry recipe. I had noticed that the Vegetable Green Curry recipe called for 4 fresh green chillies, which is a lot of chillies in a recipe, even for a big recipe.

So I decided to make a raita to have with the curry. I looked at the raita recipes and decided to make the Cucumber and Carrot Raita.

Like most raita recipes, this recipe is simple and easy to follow.

I bought the ingredients that I needed when out shopping on Saturday.

Sunday afternoon saw me making the raita before starting to make the curry so that I could chill the raita before dinner time (thinking ahead – amazing).

And the whole process of making the raita was very quick because nothing needs cooking. A raita is so easy to make.

All that is needed is to prepare the ingredients and then mix them up in a big bowl before covering and putting the bowl into the fridge. Easy peasy.

I served up the Cucumber and Carrot Raita with the curry.

And the raita was good. It tasted good, was refreshing and went well with the curry. The raita definitely cooled down the curry although, due to the spice/heat level of the curry, it was a bit like throwing a glass of water onto a bonfire.

Despite this, the raita was very popular and received a good taste score of 8/10 with a spice/heat level of mild.

I will definitely be making this raita again.

cucumber and carrot raita image

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