Methi Chicken Curry Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

It’s weekend curry time again. Wendy is working a 12-hour shift this Sunday so I was scanning for an easy recipe that I could make during the afternoon and heat up in the evening. And I found one among the Curry Focus chicken curry recipes. It was the Methi Chicken Curry Recipe. It looked an easy recipe and would be OK to reheat later in the day.

One of the ingredients for the curry was fresh fenugreek leaves (methi a common sub-continent word for fenugreek). I’ve never used fresh methi before (I’ve always used the seeds or ground powder). So it was a bit of an adventure to find the fresh fenugreek. I had to call in on five different shops before I found some. And it looked like grass. I picked up a clump and it was soggy, presumably to keep it fresh. And it left a grass stain on my hand. I looked up my herbs and spices book when I got home and found out that I had bought the right thing – it was supposed to look like grass.

The rest of the ingredients were easy enough to find.

Sunday afternoon saw me preparing the ingredients and cooking the curry. As I guessed, it was an easy curry to make. And I didn’t mess up any of the steps so it all went well. I left the cooked curry in the frying pan and wandered around got the rest of the day, doing whatever needed doing.

I put the basmati into a bowl of water before going to pick up Wendy from work. So when we got back to the house, all I had to do was heat up the curry and cook the rice in the microwave.

Within 20 minutes of getting home, I was serving up the methi chicken curry on basmati rice.

And it was good. Not great but still good. The chicken was well cooked although the sauce was a bit sloppier than I would have liked. If I make the curry again, I’ll make sure to turn the heat up at the end of the cooking and keep the lid off the frying pan so that the excess liquid evaporates. The curry had a pleasant taste and was well liked. It received an average taste score of 7.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Medium to Hot”.

An extra bonus is that I now know where I can buy fresh fenugreek leaves in the area.

methi chicken curry image

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