What is a Rezala Curry?

We seem to be getting a lot of people visiting the Curry Focus website to look for rezala recipes.

We aren’t too familiar with this dish so our fingers hit the keyboards as we carried out a few Internet searches.

It seems that rezala curries come from the Bengal area, nowadays mostly in Bangladesh. More specifically, rezala curries come from Kolkota (Calcutta).

And following on from this, it seems that rezala curries have not really spread into the rest of the Indian subcontinent very much – they are still predominantly a Kolkota dish.

So what is a rezala?

Well, it is often described as being a white curry which is because the ingredients often include yogurt, cream and milk (or various combinations) so the final curry is white (or grey) in colour. And a rezala is usually quite hot because it has a few chillies.

The most common recipes for rezala are for chicken and mutton.

I’ve had a couple of rezala curries recently from my local curry house and the curries have been pretty dry. The recipes that we read on the Internet would always end up with a curry with a sloppy sauce. Not that there’s anything wrong with having a sloppy sauce.

At present, there is only one rezala recipe on the Curry Focus website and this is a chicken rezala curry recipe. So if you have a favourite rezala curry recipe, why not share it with us so we can publish it for the rest of the world to try?

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