Long Distance Curry Delivery to the Congo

Now and again we read of unusual curry takeaway and delivery orders and today another story reached us.

This time Bangladeshi troops in the Democratic Republic of Congo have ordered the delivery of 100 curries from a curry house in Seaham, which is a small town about 10km (6 miles) from Sunderland.

That’s a delivery of over 9,000 km (6,000 miles).

The Bangladeshi troops ordered large on their favourite fish curries with pilau rice and spicy potatoes.

The mega curry order will be collected by helicopter from Seaham, flown down to Heathrow and then flown to Kinsasha in the Congo.

No doubt the eager curry lovers will have somewhere to heat up the food when it arrives as it will probably be cold when it gets there.

No clues as to the cost of the transport – it’s bound to be a lot as the Congo must be well outside the normal delivery area of Seaham. Not that we could see that Ashoka does deliveries, their website only talks about their restaurant and takeaway offerings.

You can read all about this unusual curry order in the Sunderland Echo.

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