Old Harappan Curry Anyone?

Here at Curry Focus, we spotted an interesting article recently which touches on one of our favourite meals, curries.

We are used to reading about curries from Kashmir, Hyderabad, Bengal, Kerala, Gujarat and the Punjab, amongst others, but we’ve never heard of a curry from Harrapa. Where?

A scientist called Arunima Kashyap has been researching ancient plants and spices that were used around 4,400 years ago in the area of the Harappan civilisation (this civilisation thrived in the Indus valley which is a large area that covers today’s Northwest India and Pakistan).

The scientist’s own love of aubergine (eggplant) helped her find aubergine (eggplant), turmeric and ginger being eaten by people and animals a long time ago in the past.

It is not conclusive proof that curries, as we know them, existed in 2,400BC but, to us simple folk in the Curry Focus office, it definitely points to curries being around at that time although probably not a brinjal bhaji that we would recognise.

Arunima has been concentrating on the area occupied by people of the Harappan era. The Harappa civilisation was one of the greatest civilisations of the world and there has been extensive excavation of the ancient city of Harrapa.

You can read more about Arunima Kashyap’s fascinating research here.

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