Beef Penang Curry Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

Boosted by the last couple of great chicken curries, I decided to stray from the path of white meat and go down the way of red meat. I looked at the beef curry recipes that I had not tried yet and spotted the Beef Penang Curry recipe. The ingredient list was small. The instruction list was small. Perfect.

I picked up the needed ingredients during my regular Saturday shop. There’s a Thai fruit and vegetable shop close by and they sell lots of Thai foods, including coconut milk, tamarind puree, kaffir lime leaves and penang curry paste. I decided to go for the readymade curry paste option in this recipe rather than make my own. Maybe I’ll make the curry paste myself one day. More likely, I won’t.

The preparation time for this curry is tiny. Really, it’s just a matter of cutting up the meat and getting jars and bottles ready with some teaspoons and tablespoons. I made sure to cut up the beef really thinly so that it would cook OK.

The cooking time for the curry is about the same time as the rice. So once the oil heated up, I started up the microwave to cook the rice whilst cooking the curry.

And, really, there were no problems with the cooking. Everything was pretty straightforward.

The usual curry tasters were all ready when I served up the Beef Penang Curry on basmati rice. I even remembered to sprinkle over some kaffir lime leaf and fresh chilli slices (I often find them in the kitchen after the curry has been eaten).

So what was the verdict? Not good this week. Everyone complained that there was an overpowering tamarind taste so the curry was too sour. The beef was very well cooked and there was a background coconut taste. The sauce was a bit runny but nothing to cry about. But the tamarind ruined it for most (I quite liked it but nobody else did). The rendang curry received a poor score of 4.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat level of “Medium”.

I don’t suppose that I shall be making this particular recipe again seeing that there are so many untested recipes for me to try. But some of you out there may like this curry. Let me know if you do.

beef penang curry image

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