Chicken Curry Recipe (version 2) Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

It’s curry time again. No matter how many different recipes I try, there are always more great curry recipes on the Curry Focus website. This week I needed a recipe that was going to be really easy and quick to make seeing that I would be out and about on Sunday.

So my eyes drifted down the untried recipes and settled on one of the chicken curry recipes. The Chicken Curry recipe (version 2) looked like it would fit the bill as there were only a few ingredients and just as few cooking steps.

I picked up the chicken and spinach whilst on my regular weekly shop.

On Sunday I was running late and returned to the house only about 30 minutes before the scheduled eating time.

So I quickly prepared the chicken and onion and started the cooking – I got the other ingredients together whilst sauteing the onion (who said that men can’t multitask?)

As expected, this was a very simple recipe to follow and I was serving up the Chicken Curry on basmati rice in about half an hour of starting the cooking.

And how was it? Well, it received mixed comments. Somebody said that it was just like butter chicken with spinach. Another said that it was great. The chicken was well cooked. The curry itself looked pretty basic (just like the recipe) but, overall, tasted good. As usual, a whole pile of spinach reduced itself down to a manageable size in a very short time (it never ceases to amaze me how spinach shrinks in the cooking process). There was too much juice/sauce in the curry. As you would expect, the chicken curry had a smooth, coconut, taste.

The chicken curry received an average taste score of 8 out of 10 with a spice/heat level of “Mild”.

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