Most Popular Curry Blogs in 2012

We publish quite a few blogs over a year and it seems that lots of you like reading them. And you keep reading the older blogs as well as the new ones.

So what were the most popular Curry Focus blogs in 2012?

Our regular readers will not be at all surprised to read that the most popular blog was “How to Cool Down a Curry That’s Too Hot!”. This by far the most widely read blog on the website and has been ever since it was written way back in 2007. It seems that a lot of people make a curry and then find out that it is too hot for them, or their dining guests. The favourite way for us in the Curry Focus office is to have a raita ready and waiting. Even if the curry is not too hot, a great raita is yummy to eat anyway.

The next most popular blog is “Indian Food – The Facts”. A lot of people seem to be fascinated with what goes into a curry and how many curries people eat in a year. In fact, they want to read about all sorts of Indian Food trivia. We regularly publish new blogs about Indian Food facts and they are widely read as well.

We get a lot of people looking at the balti curry recipes on the website so it is not really much of a shock to see that “Balti Curry. What Is It?” is the next most popular blog. Obviously people want to know about their favourite balti recipe type.

And just to wrap up this list of popular blogs, we just have to mention the 4th most popular blog which is “How To Remove Curry Stains”. You can stain your clothes when making the curries as well as when eating them. It seems I’m a messy cook as well as a messy eater. I make a lot of curries and my heart sinks when I see that I’ve slopped curry sauce onto my clothes. Turmeric is the main culprit, staining pretty well everything it touches. I usually manage to get rid of a stain if I race and get rid of it as soon as I spot it and before it has a chance to ruin my stuff.

So there you have it – the most widely read blogs on the Curry Focus website in 2012.

What will the top list look like at the end of 2013? We’ll let you know.

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