Most Popular Curry Recipes in 2012

Another year has gone by and we’ve looked at what curry recipes were being looked at on the Curry Focus website.

The most popular recipe in 2012 was a recipe for Poppadoms. This was easily the most popular recipe. We all love poppadoms.

The next most popular recipe was for a chicken bhuna curry. This is a favourite with one of the Curry Focus Team.

And the third most popular recipe of 2012 was for a chicken pathia curry recipe. Now this is a firm favourite with the Curry Focus Team and the office was all smiles when we saw that the recipe had made the top 3 for 2012.

No end of year summary of popular recipes would be complete without mentioning the swarms of people who come to the website in the last week of the year looking for leftover turkey curry recipes and leftover ham curry recipes. The “leftover” curry recipes account for 36% of all curry recipes that are looked at in that week – that’s a lot of leftover curry recipes. You can see the leftover curry recipes among the turkey curry recipes and pork curry recipes. Maybe we need a leftover category to help speed up the searching?

So that is a roundup of the most widely viewed curry recipes on the Curry Focus website.

We have some firm favourites that we regularly make and are always looking out for new recipes to add to the website. If you have your own favourite curry recipe then why not share it with us? Just send the details to us at and we’ll format each recipe and publish it on the website (we’ll sort out the imperial and metric measure equivalents for you).

We hope you continue to enjoy visiting the Curry Focus website and find some great recipes to try out for yourself. Tell your friends about us. And remember, everything on the website is FREE.

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